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Rat Race Dirty Weekend, Burghley House, 2016


Project summary: The annual Rat Race Dirty Weekend competition sees as many as 6000 runners competing in what remains the world’s largest obstacle course. The course features 200 separate free standing and semi-permanent obstacles, that are updated and upgraded by Gorilla every year. This year Gorilla added a record breaking monkey bars obstacle, that was verified by the Guinness Book of World Records the longest in the world at 136 metres.

GORILLA role summary: For Rat Race Dirty Weekend 2016, Gorilla designed, constructed and derigged the 20 mile obstacle course featuring 200 obstacles including the world longest monkey bars.

GORILLA role detail:

  • Designed, and constructed all obstacles including monkey bars.
  • Removed all free standing obstacles, and made good the entire course.
  • Monkey bars were 136 meters long & 2.3 meters high (average).
  • Monkey bars were constructed using Cuplok scaffold towers, tube clips & bracing, wooden decks & sheeting, and 30cm x 30cm aluminium supertruss.
  • Ratified by Guinness Book of World Record as the world’s longest monkey bars.
  • Delivered by 14 strong team of Gorilla personnel

Timescales involved: 4 week planning period, 3 week build, and 7 day de-rig.
Result / Outcome: The event was a huge success, the 6000 competitors ran, climbed, crawled and swam around all 200 obstacles in glorious sunshine and with varying degrees of success. The course was then de-rigged with all temporary structures removed, and returned to its former condition.


Leaping into the lake
Event Rat Race Dirty Weekend 2016 Client Rat Race Events Live Date 01-01-1970 Location Burleigh Brand involved Rat Race Events
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