Case studies

Boomtown Festival 2019


Project background:

Gorilla has designed and built a number of bridges at festivals, to facilitate both pedestrian and vehicle access and egress.

Gorilla role summary:

Design, install & removal of x55 security towers

Gorilla role detail:

  • The installation of x55 security towers around Boomtown Festival site at Matterly Estate
  • Co-ordination of install site logistics over the very undulating site, the towers were spread across the 360 acre site.
  • 7 man team, 1 telehandler, x2 4×4 vehicles and trailer
  • 9 day install
  • 4 day de-rig
  • CAD drawings / Engineering

Event Work:

Liaising with the site management to work out the most efficient method of erecting both the towers and the perimeter fence, which led to Gorilla installing the towers ahead of the perimeter festival fence.

Timescales involved:

This was Gorilla’s 1st year working with Boomtown Festival

Result / Outcome:

Smoother install and de-rig than previous years. Security towers withstood significant wind loading on the weekend that saw multiple other events cancelled due to strong winds.


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